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Find Top Candidates in Kenya

Classic recruitment solutions does not fit into informal employment markets very well and miss out great candidates. We help you to address these candidates and find the perfect match.

Recruiting in Kenya

Job candidates apply to your job with two pre-recorded videos and their digital CV. This allows you to get an authentic first impression of the attitude, personality and problem-solving skills before you have even met or talked to the job candidates. Identifying the most suitable candidates hasn’t been that efficient before.

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Welcome to afringa! Find out how afringa helps companies to reduce their time and cost spent on the traditional recruiting process with our video application technology.
Check out our product demonstration below.

Find top candidates in Kenya

Finding the best suitable job candidate for your open role might be challenging. On the afringa employment platform your recruiting efforts will be less time consuming (time-to-hire) and reduce your expenses. afringa has an existing pool of over 15,000 professionals, which is growing day by day across Africa and offers you a selection of highly qualified talents in Kenya.

All these potential top candidates share one specific criterion that is neglected in traditional recruiting processes: Their attitude and personality. We reveal the talent’s attitude and personality early in the recruiting process with a „Cover Video“ and a „Problem-Solving Video“. Both videos give you insights into the real person behind the job application at the very early recruiting process stage. This allows every HR Manager to spend less time on hiring the perfect matching candidate and will lower the turnover costs in general. A solution you will love!

Manage your talent pool

Setting up your employer account on afringa.com is very easy and so is posting a job. In addition, managing your job candidates is comfortable because of the intuitive user interface with useful and helpful short tasks or features such as ranking systems and prescreening. This enables you to recruit like never before in a very efficient way without any excel spreadsheets. We have centralized all your recruiting efforts in one simple-to-use online system. During your recruiting activities on afringa, you are not limited to Kenya or e.g. in the Nairobi area, but you have access to a large pool of job seekers from across the African continent.

Video Recruiting in Kenya

Especially in informal employment markets cover letters are not a very effective recruiting tool because they do not reveal the job candidate’s personality, motivation and attitude. This problem is addressed by our innovative and new video recruiting solution that helps you to achieve faster and better hiring results.

Video recruiting allows you to meet the candidate before you actual meet them in real life and provides you with a first impression of whether the candidate fits into your existing team. Furthermore, you are able to see characteristics which cannot be conveyed by written job applications. With video recruiting, you will receive less unqualified and more high-quality job applications. Taking this into account, every HR manager will spend much less time and money in the whole recruiting process than before.

Our solution is using the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to provide you with automated feedback about the candidate before you see the asynchronous video. This allows you to spend less time on screening endless CV’s and cover letters and other documents. Check out our afringa product demonstration video below to find out more.

afringa is easy to use, and you are able to identify matching candidates at an early stage of the recruitment process. In summary, afringa is not only offering you the best candidates in Kenya very quickly and accurate, but also on the entire African continent with millions of potential great and qualified job candidates.

Our Product Demonstration

Summary of your benefits

Meet your candidate earlier

Quick first impression

Easy to use

The set up will only take a few minutes

No border restrictions

People from across the African continent are able to apply

Adressing the informal market

Offers you the opportunity to exhauste a greater candidate pool

2 monthly advertisments for free

Great way to get used to afringa without any risk

Steady support

The afringa team is always there for you if you have a request

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