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Have you ever wondered yourself why you did not get a positive reply from a job application? With our tips this will not happen again.

What are my benefits with afringa

Afringa offers many advantages for jobseekers, especially our different approach of applications via video.

  1. Your time is valuable. Our video recruiting approach helps you to spend less time on the application process. No documents or printing necessary. Furthermore, you will receive an email once your application has been reviewed and most of our employers provide feedback to you.

  1. Formulating cover letters and CV’s is a challenging task. That’s why we solve this issue with a digital career profile, which replaces your CV, and a “Cover Video” which replaces your cover letter. The afringa job application process is completely online and free for you (only the employer pays). We get rid of hard copies and the resulting printing and mailing costs.

  1. Africa has a big informal employment market and it is not easy to identify which of your former employers would be a good reference. On afringa you do not have this problem with our video-based application process. You can show your personality, attitude towards the job, and you can answer questions of the employer. As a result, you do not need to rely on references.

  1. Many companies across Africa are using complex job application processes. This makes it hard for you to submit a proper application. On afringa we have a simple platform where applying for a job will only take a few minutes without unnecessary and confusing paperwork or documents.

  1. Another problem job seekers face is the fact that they lack sufficient professional experience. We believe that your individual attitude and personality will make up for your lack of professional experience. That’s why we implemented “Problem-Solving-Videos” to give you a chance to show your creativity, logical thinking and language skills.

Jobs in Algeria

There is a wide field of job opportunities in all over Algeria. You have the most populated areas like Algiers, Boumerdas or Oran but also rural areas where you can find your dream job. It does not matter if you are looking for an entry-level job in Algiers or for a senior-level job in Tébessa. The possibility is high that you will find it on afringa. But afringa is not only offering jobs in Algeria, but also across the whole African continent. This means if the job allows it you can work from e.g. Algiers, Algeria in Nairobi, Kenya. Therefore, it is much easier for you to find the career you really love and therefore  you have the best career opportunities on afringa.

We have also acknowledged that the Algerian job market is a highly competitive area with relatively high unemployment rates and lots of false promises. This makes it crucial for jobseekers to leave a very good first impression on the future employer. Unlike other job platforms afringa is choosing a different approach to address this issue. The afringa job portal is using video technology to overcome mismatches between employers and jobseekers, which leads to stable and secure jobs and will boost your salary in the long run.

This and more makes afringa the best job platform in Algeria and Africa

Employers & Industriesin Algeria

Besides plenty of great job opportunities in Algeria you have the chance to find the perfect employer or company as well. This might be in the main industries like oil, electrical supply, or food processing, with their outstanding meaning for the country’s economy, but on the other hand you will find smaller industries as well. You could either search for the latest job vacancies from a certain company or just browsing through the industry and identify great job opportunities. Both are possible ways to find the company and career which suits you the most.

It is also great that for every skill level and experience job offerings exist and they can vary a lot from internships at the oil production industry, over Junior Marketing Managers at the local supermarket chain, to Senior Consulting Managers. afringa has something for everyone. This applies to the terms of contract too. There are full-time, part-time, freelancer, and remote jobs available which grants you the possibility to find exactly what you need.

We are having current job vacancies in almost every region and field in Algeria with lots of different employers and companies. They may differ in size, which means they can be small, medium or large enterprises. But what all of them share is the goal to hire the right attitude and personality. Do not miss out on the opportunity to get hired by your favorite

Job Application Coaching in Algeria

There are many different aspects you have to consider during the application process for your dream job. For instance, how to prepare for interviews, or how to create a meaningful CV. On the afringa Academy platform you can find a detailed list of all aspects and it does not matter if you are looking for a junior or senior job.

Preparation is the key to success. This applies to almost every life situation and there is no exception for job interviews. A good preparation increases the likelihood of getting the advertised job, and it will help you to be less nervous during the interview itself. For more useful interview tips visit the afringa Academy.

There are many ways to prepare yourself for anything related to interviews and job applications. But it is always helpful to have a good structure in it, exactly like in/on your job. On Afringa Academy you will not only learn how to structure your preparation, but you will also find important things you should be prepared for like possible questions by the interviewer.

„Dress to impress“ is not only a phrase, it is actually a crucial part of every interview. If your first impression is bad it is very hard to convince the Manager that you are the right candidate to fulfill the job. Especially in some sectors like banking or consulting. To learn more, visit the afringa Academy.

Getting rejected will occur during your career, there is no doubt about it. But on afringa Academy we will show you possible reasons for that, like wrong preparation for the job interview or a typing error in your application. So that next time you will be the one who is selected to fill the current job vacancy.

The afringa Academy aims to help all jobseekers in Algeria and across Africa not only with useful knowledge for their application process but also with the possibility of free online courses or virtual career coachings.

Our benefits for you

Completely free

Our service is completely free for you, with no hidden costs at any point of the recruiting process.

Easy to use

Everything you need to apply for a job is a device with a camera and a Internet connection

Connect to employers all over Africa

afringa is a cross country job platform which allows you to find jobs in any African country, no matter where you are.

Jobs in many industries

We are offering many jobs in all kinds of industries, so you have many choices and can choose the one which interests you the most.

Fast set up

Creating your own digital career profile will only take a few minutes and after that you can easily apply for the job you like.

Higher possibility to get an invitation for an interview

Thanks to our approach and the possibility to make a better first impression through our videos, it is more likely that you can convince the HR manager.

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